Holla! Before the week ends, I’d like to share one of the event I attended this week at Sauce Boutique Dubai Mall. It was a splendid gathering of the chic and stylish few who went to witnessed PALESTYLE launching, which I almost forgot (thanks to my buzzing calendar!). Before I missed everything, I went home straight from work and dropped off my stuff, grab my Givenchy bag and sprayed Prada parfum. It was the last choice for prepping up as I was super late for that event that night. Anyways lets talk about the fabulousness of the event.

 Above photo, ask my photographer Belle why she took a snap on the dead bird somewhere around the corner of the boutique. And yes, they got finger foods which I of course silently and discreetly pigged out (excuses as I literally ran from the parking to the boutique).
 Palestyle has a brilliant collection, synonymous to the luxury stuff I’ve used to drool. An arrays of accessories with its signature style of Arabic heritage like calligraphy and rich hand made Palestinian embroidery….PaleStyle
 Aside to its stunning and beautiful accessories, PaleStyle also features its very own unique variety of hand bags made from colorful and vibrant leathers. From its significant texture and cuts to the execution of each designs are flawless, well-made and opulent. I had been salivating on the few pieces specially the silver clutch.
You can check out Palestyle at Sauce Boutique Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Beach Road Branch, Bloomingdales-Dubai Mall, Al Salam Stores Dubai, and The British Museum-London.
Congratulations to the Duo behind PaleStyleAhmed and Zeina Abou Chaaban
 My favorite part of the event- my lovelies showed off their skill on the floor, stepping to the beat to one of the Arabic dancing.
Ahmed Abou Chaaban and Hommam Arbi
One of the stylish lady I spotted that night. 
Her style is soo chic and carefree! Love it!
I love the blouson mullet dress!
The-Ways team Jammi Gosalova and Eisa Mohamed
Nadya Hasan of The Fierce Diaries
The Most Stylish couple I’ve seen several times!
Velsvoir’s Zubair and Firoza Timol
Lady Zubaida Jacob of ButterHotShoes
Hafsa Lodi, Ahmed Abou Chaaban and Nadya Hasan
Ahmed Abou Chaaban and Priya Jelly