As much I have tried not to go to any fabulous places where I can possibly find stuff that are drool-worthy, but I can’t help. I’ve been in a shopping rehabilitation for about three months, and this problem isn’t  going any good. Last week, I went to Sauce Boutique at The Dubai Mall for Palestyle Launching (see Prev. post).
It was a pretty exhausting day but I still managed to bring my ass fabulously that night, thank gawd RedBananas items are still with me ref: Blue shirt, stretch denim, bow ties. Luckily I got the pieces that are perfectly fitted to my weird frames. LOL. Big thanks to House of Hyou and RedBananas for saving my look that night, also of course there’s my Marc Jacobs sneakers and sunglasses collections to save my tired-looking eyes.

I had enjoy the event, specially to discover a lot of cool finds, which of course I added on my wishlist this year. Will post it one of this days, so you know which items I have been drooling for the past days. Sauce Boutique is one of the coolest variety boutique I have been to. I love everything in it, specially the pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. And Palestyle just got a perfect base to home their fabulous pieces that I could say worthy to highlight in any ways.

Oh, gosh…only you could imagine how I tried to resist myself not to like this silver snake-skin clutch, specially when it matches my silver sunglasses.I heard that bag whispered to my Givenchy baggette that he likes me…the way I carried him. But I super duper ignored it and not to be deceive by what he said.LOL
This bag is really flicking his eyelashes on me.Seducing me to get and have him in my collection.
I can still remember his texture, so opulent, so smooth, and soooo classy! Gawd. 
Every time I’m staring on this photo, it always drawn me to do a parallel discussion between my pocket and my braincells!hahaha.I’m going nuts!not good!
Then I withdrew my attention to that seductive silver Palestyle clutch and found this hard core (i mean it.hard core.coz it’s literally heavy and hard!). It’s not just ordinary necklace, but literally a solid fist-sized can-shaped pendant made of brass.I’m kinda loving it.I mean it.Oh please…………..
Aside from my salivation to Palestyle silver clutch bag and brass necklace, I found this leather fringed leather quilted hand bag that matches my entire outfit’s color.Take note, my bow tie and the bag’s ribbon too!
I spoke to the bag actually; I told her that do not try to seduce me and deceive me..Not yet!Not now!Because I’m having a shopping celibacy.I don’t wanna have sin!LOL  
Then I switched my attention from the Palestyle silver clutch bag, brass necklace and blue leather quilted fringed bag. And when I turned my head back, I saw this quirky and super gaga-ish sunglasses.Yeah.for the fourth time, I salivated.I think in less that 1 hour I was having dehydration because of severe salivation.Gawd. 
And yeas, I talked to the gay sunglasses that I couldn’t wear them if I buy them. Because they’re too loud for me and I don’t wanna see myself blogging inside the cell!LOL
But I promised them that I will comeback and bring them home.:P
Yes. She’s Zeina Abou Chaaban founder of Palestyle.
She’s naturally beautiful.
And. yeah I know he’s so handsome. Excuse I just got divorced and I couldn’t take any brand new happening regarding my private stuff.LOL Oppssss…sorry I forgot.Gosh!How can I. He’s the Co-Founder of Palestyle and brothah of Zeina….the one and only Ahmed Abou Chaaban. Super stylish guy!
My ever darling love Priya Jelly.Who’s been there for me always.(drama)
Then again, I spotted Velsvoir’s Zubair Timol. I’m always impress the way he dress up.
Yeah.Yeah. She’s Lisa Strannesten my one and only Lisa.Love her much!
 Lisa and My arm candies are from the same family of fabulousness! Shine!!!!
with the two stylish ladies I’ve known. Zubaida Jacob and Lisa.
Eissa Mohamed of The-Ways  and Shamim Kassibawi of Shamimscene
Hommam Arbi
Stylish and talented Hafsa Lodi
 I love Hafsa Lodi’s Kipling camera bag designed by Stylescrapbook blogger.
 My lovlies with our newly acquired designer pose!hahaha
 Ana Simonovic of Shoera, Shraddah Barot from Quantum Luxury and Lisa Strannesten of InBetweenTheContrast
 Hafsa Lodi, Ahmed Abou Chaaban and Lisa Strannesten
 I wore my arm candies and found another possible finds. Colorful beaded bracelets.I love how it clashes the color. And below, heavy rings!
photos by: Belle Foronda